I am using the MudFadeGallery slideshow by a web-developer and I have
implemented it for my own use. However, as it functions as a fade
image gallery slideshow, how am I able to get each image to be
hyperlinked with a specific href address??

This is the main script that makes the gallery work:

AND the mouseclick events:

function init() {
        // images gallery
        // load images note: imgsGallery[].image isn't an array of images,
just strings to hold location
        imgsGallery[0] = new Object();
        imgsGallery[0].image = "images/image_0.jpg";
        imgsGallery[0].title = "Title for first Image";
        imgsGallery[0].caption = "This is the first image...";

        imgsGallery[1] = new Object();
        imgsGallery[1].image = "images/image_1.gif";
        imgsGallery[1].title = "Title for second Image";
        imgsGallery[1].caption = "This is the second image...";

        imgsGallery[2] = new Object();
        imgsGallery[2].image = "images/image_2.gif";
        imgsGallery[2].title = "Title for third Image";
        imgsGallery[2].caption = "This is the third image...";

        imgsGallery[3] = new Object();
        imgsGallery[3].image = "images/image_3.png";
        imgsGallery[3].title = "Title for fourth image";
        imgsGallery[3].caption = "This is the fourth image...";

        var start = 0;
        imgs = new MudFadeGallery('imgs', 'imgDisplay', imgsGallery,
{startNum: start, preload: true, autoplay: 2});

        // set the initial captions
        var title = (imgsGallery[0].title) ? imgsGallery[0].title : "No
        var caption = (imgsGallery[0].caption) ? imgsGallery[0].caption : "No
        $("imgDisplay_title").innerHTML = title;
        $("imgDisplay_caption").innerHTML = caption;
        $("imgDisplay_number").innerHTML = "1 of " + imgsGallery.length + "
        $("imgDisplay").src = imgsGallery[start].image;

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