I want to create an autocompleter that uses HTML database storage.
What I'm intending to it modify Autocompleter.Local.  My problem is
that I'm not sure how to fit these 2 pieces of code together:

>From Autocompleter:
  getUpdatedChoices: function() {
    this.updateChoices(this.options.selector(this), searchDB

DB function:
function searchDB(searchThis) {
  db.transaction(function(tx) {       tx.executeSql("           SELECT
info FROM list WHERE (FirstName LIKE ? OR LastName LIKE ?)                      
LastName LIMIT 20", [searchThis+'%', searchThis+'%'],
function(tx, result){
     // success, but how do I get result to my other function?

        , function(tx, error) {
            alert('Failed to retrieve notes from database - ' +

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