> Explorer is hanging up after giving a 'null' response for the alert
> below - but, firefox is not even hitting the alert and is processing
> normally, thogh it does not have the code to complete the AJAX
> request, just redirects to redo the original page

If you don't use event.stop() for is just submitted without waiting
for anything from ajax...

you have mess in your code... I fixed it and posted here 

it is working now :)

you don't use observe in onSubmit...it is pointless :)

"as soon as I address my form, I get an error -
either firefox says the form has no properties or it just hangs at
place where I address "

No one can't help you with this serializing problem without some
simplified working example of  your form.

By the way ....are you using firebug to debug this?
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