You are correct David. This is definitely an IE bug and I would be
looking to apply the workaround mentioned in that page. But here the
problem occurs only when prototype is being called within the jsp
page. I verified this by removing prototype from the jsp page which
had the problem.

This jsp page which has the problem does not uses any AJAX
functionality and we could get away with removing prototype being
called.  But this makes us vulnerable to any subsequent development
with both the functionality (a select option and AJAX)

I am not an expert with Ruby, Could you tell me which part of
Prototype.js code should I be hacking for finding the solution to the

Thanks in Advance.

On Mar 13, 10:45 am, david <> wrote:
> Hi Joe,
> the problem is not the version of prototype, but an IE bug.
> If you want to change the innerHTML of a select tag, you must modify
> the way you do it for IE.
> The solution given by Microsoft is at
> --
> david
> On 12 mar, 15:25, Joe <> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > We are hitting the IE bug kb276228 9BUG: Internet Explorer Fails to
> > Set the innerHTML Property of the Select Object) with use of
> > prototype.js.
> > We were originally using prototype v1.5.0_rc1 and I updated to
> > and tested but made no difference. Could anyone advise if I could find
> > a version of prototype where I could find the fix for the bug.
> > Thanks
> > Joe
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