Dear Walter ,

I am also facing the same problem. Ajax Periodical updater stop()
function is not working properly.....but it is very
incosistent..certain number of times it works fine..but most of the
times it does not work.,...

could u please explain

 liveStream = undefined;


about the above defining of variable as undefined.


Now after changing  u r code as said by that Periodical
updater getting stopped..??
i mean stop(); function woking properly...

I feel there is some bug related to stop(); function in periodical


On Mar 13, 5:57 pm, Walter Lee Davis <> wrote:
> That's a pretty old article and bug, from over a year and a major
> version ago. As far as I know, you can't change a PU mid-stream, and I
> also fight with it from time to time to try to get it to live-update
> any variables, but that seems to run counter to how it works.
> What you can do is kill it and start another one, which is what I
> thought you were doing here. Try leaving off the var part inside your
> function and see if it does what you expect then. While you're at it,
> take the liveStream out of your function signature, so you are
> explicitly reading and modifying the "one true" liveStream from the
> global space.
> var liveStream; //sets a global variable, available everywhere
> function livestart(lang){
>         if(liveStream && liveStream.stop){ //kills the global if it's set
>                 liveStream.stop();
>                 liveStream = undefined;
>         }
>          //now set the global to a new instance of PU
>         liveStream = new Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater('live_buehne', '/inc/
> live.php?lang='+lang, { method: 'get', frequency: 5, decay: 2 });
> }
> Walter
> On Mar 13, 2009, at 8:45 AM, flughund wrote:
> > hm, ok. But how can I change a runnig PUpdaters options?
> > Is there a better way?
> > btw:
> > msg00269.html
> > I don't understand the article, but maybe...
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