Sorry T.J. if my last comment came across as agressive.

Just to clarify:

> You may think that it doesn't, but that's an opinion, not received
> wisdom from on high.  If you want to keep supporting DOM0 handlers
> with it, fine, say that.

Deprecating a useful API without replacing it by something at least as
good is not a good practice imho. I'd love to have right-currying, but
as you noticed (hence your bindWithGap suggestion), it leads to
complex and unexpected behaviour in a language that supports passing a
variable number of arguments to a function.

> Where, exactly, is the partial application that I suggested?  It's not
> in bind(), it's not in curry()...  It's not a big thing, and I
> wouldn't do it barring replacing bindAsEventListener with something
> more generalized, but take a sec to at least read a suggestion before
> slamming it, eh?

I was answering Robert's suggestion of removing partial application
from Function#bind, not your bindWithGap proposal. :)

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