Hi Jorge

Look at this code:
<a onclick='this.addClassName("activo"); fechaSliders("sliderMeio","div1");
new Effect.toggle("div1", "slide",{queue:"end"}); return false;'
class="sliderLink activo" href="#"><span class="funcaoEquipa">Edição e
Condução:</span> PAULA MOURA PINHEIRO</a>

U use for a.sliderLink style display block
Just add to this style to attributes
- width (recomended attribute for display:block)
- height: auto;

2009/3/17 galrito <jorge.galr...@gmail.com>

> Hello, I don't know if this problem has been addressed before, but I
> did a search in the group and I didn't find anything so here it goes:
> I have a site where I use the Effect.SlideDown extensively, but in one
> page I have some problems. There's a strange jump in some slides.
> You can check here: http://camaraclara.rtp.pt/#/equipa/ and then open
> the first link, where it says "Edição e Condução", for instance.
> There's more on that page with the same problem: the slide "jumps" in
> the middle.
> I have no idea what's happening there, so maybe anyone knows what's
> going on and can help me :)
> Thank you very much.
> Galrito
> >

Best Regards,
Vladimir Tkach



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