I am using Ryan Johnson's excellent Control.Textarea toolbar widget on  
a site. Since this site is quite dynamic, automatically assembling  
forms around the database columns and their types, I am using $$ 
('textarea') to find any textareas, then Element.wrap to wrap them in  
a div (for layout reasons with the Control) and then attaching the  
Control to the textarea. My basic code looks like this:

                var wrap = Element.wrap(elm,'div',{'class':'wrap'});
                new Control.TextArea.ToolBar.Markdown(elm);

This works perfectly, except when it comes to the styles. In a further  
bid to modularity, I put all of the Control-specific stuff in a  
separate sheet, and included that in the head of the page. But it  
didn't seem to work in either Safari or Firefox. Xyle scope went a  
little further, and actually showed the elements as having the  
properties they were supposed to have, but they just didn't look like  
they should. (The toolbar is a styled UL, with background images to  
make the buttons look nice.) It showed on screen in all three browsers  
as a plain unstyled UL would.

On a whim, I put all of the styles from the Control stylesheet into my  
main stylesheet and removed the link to the Control stylesheet. With  
just that change -- going from two stylesheets to one -- everything  
started working.

Both stylesheets were valid CSS, the page was valid XHTML Strict.

Has anyone seen anything like this before?



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