Ninza wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new in AJAX world and want to use Ajax framework for my new
> project.
> I am developing web based application where I want to populate forms
> (Questioner) dynamically through Data base.
> For following things i need Ajax for:
> 1. On submitting page, either change questions on form OR change full
> form with some images or contents.
> 2. On answering questions create new record/update record in database.

There is not build in functionality for processing forms as such in 
prototype.js. You have great Ajax and JSON support, but you need to 
code for form filling yourself or search a little bit.
One of the core devs, Diodeus, wrote a proof-of-concept code for 
JSON-Forms lately, it might be interesting for you.

> I am fresher in this Ajax world, so can you let me know what features
> Prototype or provides related to my project? Or I need
> to add some features if I use one of these frameworks?
> Also, what advantage these frameworks have over rest of frameworks
> like DOJO, jquery ext.

I don't know much about jquery, and almost nothing about DOJO, but I 
can tell you what are I think unique features of Prototype. It's 
extension of native objects such an Array, with Enumerable methods.
Thanks of them you can VERY EASILY filter, iterate, map or do anything 
with an array (or Hash).

e.g. You could do something like:
var persons = ['Johny','Alice','Adam','Tina'];
var personsSelect = $('id_of_the_select_element');
personsSelect.options.length = 0;

    $A(persons).sort().each(function(personName, index) {
        var option = new Element('option',{value: index});
        personsSelect.options[] = option;

Take a look at Enumerable documentation:

If you find something similar in any other library I will be surprised.

Rest of the functionality is similar in almost all libraries, I think.
You might be surprised by the lack of plugins to prototype in the main 
page, but you will find many of them at, or if thats not 
enough - Use the Google, Luke. There are many great plugins for 
prototype, but they are spread over the Internet.

One last thing. Prototype does not currently provide a official 
minified version. You can generate it yourself easily with

Let us know what you decided, and why.

Best Regards,

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