I was very happy to see this posted.  I am having the exact same
problem.  Things seem to work fine in IE8's "Compatibility View." But,
when I turn compatibility view off, I have the same problem you're
describing here.  Has anyone found a solution?

On Feb 2, 8:31 am, Surendra Singhi <singhi.suren...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> If I create anewelementin IE8 RC1 using the syntax:newElement("a", {'class': 
> 'carrot'});
> then an anchor tag is created, but it has its 'className' property set
> to carrot. The anchor doesn't gets any of the styling associated with
> css class carrot.
> If I use the following code, things work fine.
> carrot =newElement("a");
> carrot.addClassName('carrot');
> It looks like an IE8 bug, as it was working in earlier versions of IE,
> or is there something wrong with prototype?
> Thanks!
> -Surendra

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