I also posted this to the Rails mailing list, but seeing as how these
seems to be more prototype related, I figured I'd try here too.

We've got a site running on Rails 2.2.2 with Prototype that
uses the rails/auto_complete plugin from github.  We just  discovered
that, in IE7 (haven't tried IE8 yet), when a user types a name into
the auto_complete text field, the query gets sent to the server fine
and the server returns it's results fine, but then IE doesn't do
anything with
it. As far as the user can tell, absolutely nothing happened.  If,
after that first request, the user then changes the text in the text
field, a new query is initiated, and from then on (until the page is
reloaded) auto_completing works just fine.

On a whim, downgraded Prototype to and 1.6.0.  Still didn't
work in, but in 1.6.0 suddenly IE started
behaving properly.

I find it hard to believe that we're the only one's experiencing this.
Has anyone else seen this?  Or are there really that few developers
that are using auto_complete in conjunction with Prototype
that have also bothered to check to see if it works in IE?

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