$('myul') checks for elements with an id of myul, if you are looking
for classname, use:


On Mar 25, 1:55 pm, Vladimir Ghetau <vladimirghe...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi ,
> I was just testing this dynamically built structure...
> <div>
>    <ul id="myul"><li> .... some more tags here... </li></ul>
> </div>
> using code like...
> [code]
> var li_el = new Element('li');
> var ul_el = new Element('ul', {className: 'myul'});
> ul_el.appendChild(li_el);
> var div_el = new Element('div');
> div_el.appendChild(ul_el);
> [/code]
> Problem is, after attaching this to the xHTML document, I can't access
> the UL node using $('myul') in chrome, safari, or konqueror . It seems
> I can only access it if I only use the  "ul_el" var that I just
> declared above.
> In other words, how can I call dynamically generated HTML content
> using prototype inside chrome, safari or
> Konqueror?
> I'm trying to figure out what's missing, it works fine in IE or FF.
> Thank you!
> Vladimir Ghetau
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