Does Dojo and/or the grid use "for..in" to loop through array
elements?  That's usually the thing that causes code to "break" when
Prototype is added into the mix.  Details here:

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On Mar 30, 1:16 pm, Janne Valkealahti <janne.valkeala...@gmail.com>
> I'm trying to figure out why prototype framework interferes my dojo grid
> component.
> Problem is that if there is some editable component on dojo grid(like
> checkbox) and you have enough data so that scrollbar is in use(scrolled away
> from top). If I click the checkbox result is whole grid component render. If
> grid is placed on table, whole table is rendered. Result is page flickering.
> This is easy tested by adding below line to dojo's test file
> 'dojox/grid/tests/test_tundra_edit.html'.
> <script src="prototype.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
> I don't understand why this flickering happens if prototype is included, but
> never used from client code. Is there anybody who knows what prototype
> framework is doing when it's included to html page? Did some profiling using
> firebug and if I got it right, prototype is calling some dom events stuff
> during instation. On other hand, profiling doesn't show any calls to
> prototype when dojo table is clicked and this page flickering happens.
> I'm just trying to figure, whether this problem is within dojo or prototype?
> Or maybe they just can't live under same house...
> ---
> Prototype:
> Dojo: 1.1
> Browser: FF3/FF2 on Windows XP
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