Nevermind I figured it out.


elem = $('authSign1');



I feel like a bone head now.  Sorry for the extra email.


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Subject: [Proto-Scripty] need to call function from main script.


I have several of these inputs in a form:


<input sign="1" onKeyUp="verifySigner(this)" id="authSign1"
class="authBox" name="authSign1" type="text" maxlength="9" />


Everything works great.  What I need to do is update the input with a
stored value, that is easy enough:


$('authSign1').innerText = signer[1];


But I also need to fire the verifySigner() function and can't figure
this one out. I have tried several ways but I guess I am going about it
all wrong. I have tried:






My function, in its very basic for is as follows:


function verifySigner(elem){

            $('signer'+elem.sign).innerText= "Retrieving...";

            url = "pw.php?account="+elem.value;

            new Ajax.Request(url, {

                        method: 'post', 

                        asynchronous: 'true',

                        onSuccess: function(transport) {





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