Good morning,

I wanted to use the method "getElementsByClassName" by prototype to
retrieve an array of objects. Using my Firefox 3.0.7 on Windows XP
alert told me that the returned value by this method is a Nodelist,
which I couldn't iterate using prototypes each-method for arrays.

Prototype's api docs (
getElementsByClassName) state that the method returns an array,
normally. Using google I found this link:
It seems that getElementsByClassName is implemented by Firefox and
prototyp and that prototype doesn't override the native

When two methods with the same name are available, one in prototype
and one from the browser, am I able to determine which method is used?
I understand that prototype doesn't want to override native
implementations of methods to not break browser compability but in
this case where I use prototype to achieve that my scripts run the
same way on almost every browser Firefox's impolementation of the
prototype function is breaking my script because of incompatible
returned data types by the two implementations of the method.

I couldn't find any suggestions on how to deal with those situations.
Is the only way to check for the needed data types on method returns
and work around the fact that methods may be implemented in the
browser nativley using different data types for return values? This
would be a lot of work to do for every common function provided by
prototype which could be implemented natively, too.


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