Thanks for your reply.

The HTML like code is rails but if you look at the bottom of the code
you see the javascript I am using.

Irrespective of the code tho I was asking if it is possible to have a
default selection of none on the list box that is in the scriptaculous
my code below doesn't show me trying to make that work.

<div id="autocomplete_choices" class="auto_complete" style="display:
<li>No Results</li>
<div id="search_bar">
<form name="search_form" method="get" action="/sites/site1/search">
<input id="search_term" class="search_text_input" type="text"
title="Search Titles, Actors, Directors..." tabindex="1"
name="search_term" autocomplete="off"/>
<a onclick="document.search_form.submit(); return false;" href="#">
<img class="search_submit" width="101" height="23" title="Click To
Search" src="/images/BtnSearch.gif?1233940416" alt="Search"/>
<script type="text/javascript">

 function InitSearch()
 new Ajax.Autocompleter('search_term', 'autocomplete_choices', '/
search/autocomplete', {
 method: 'get', minChars: 2,
 afterUpdateElement: addSearchItem
 function addSearchItem(el)
 el.value = '"' + el.value + '"';


On Apr 2, 9:59 am, disccomp <discc...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Try a ruby(or whatever that code is)  forum or paste in the source
> from firefox after it has been interpreted.
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