If there's any way you can develop and test locally you will save a
TON of time. Depending on what server language you're using (PHP,
Ruby, etc), you should be able to setup a pretty basic dev environment
for testing the AJAX stuff. That way you won't need to upload any
files to a server until you are sure they are working.

Firefox & Firebug is pretty much all you will need for testing and

My personal preference for coding almost anything is Textmate (Mac
only), Firefox + Firebug

On Apr 5, 6:25 am, Jay <jebum....@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Prototype/javascript gurus, first of all I've gotten some great
> help from this forum before so just wanted to say..
> Thanks!! You guys are awesome.
> I was just playing around with script.aculo.usand javascript (BTW, JS
> turned out to be much cooler language than I thought) but it got me
> thinking about good javascript editor/debugger.
> Right now one of my pain points is this:
> debugging my code is pain because first, I need to upload the modified
> js file to server (I'm testing things with Ajax so don't know if there
> is better way to do this), then open up FF and see if I get:
> 1. javascript syntax error (which happens fairly common for me since
> I'm JS novice).
> 2. object reference error (logically) (with all the binding and
> function passing, I can't always get this right either)
> I'm just using Firebug to do all this and sure, this is great tool but
> after writing-uploading-fixing-writing... so many times, I would have
> to think there's better way to at least reduce the number of times I'd
> have to repeat these steps. I'm just curious what do script.aculo.us
> pros use for this purpose.
> Thanks in advance.
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