Hi guys,

Is there any way to trigger a change event of select box in prototype/

i have select box given below,
    <select id='designation_id' name='designation_id'>
        <option value=''>Select Designation...</option>
        <option value='1'>Lecturer</option>
        <option value='2'>Artist</option>

Now i attached a change event to above select box as
   Event.observe("designation_id",  "change", function()

Finally i tried to call change event of same select box in this way,
  <input id='btn1' onclick="javascript:$('designation_id').value='1';$
('designation_id').change();" />
But  It doest not work.

Please help me out...

With Regards
Amit Gharat

Not everyone can become a great programmer.
But a great programmer can come from anyone.

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