Thanks for the quick reply - the app is a holiday calendar so the
checkboxes allow for 1/2 days - book the morning or the afternoon or
both! I was thinking it might be to do with the boxes - the original
developer never wrote the functionality for this! I will rename and
get the values accordingly.

Thanks again!


On 9 Apr, 16:52, "Pennings, Ted" <>
> Your issue comes from assigning the same id twice. This is a
> non-supported behavior and your page won't validate.
> And are you sure you don't want radio boxes? Can a valid entry really be
> both AM and PM? If you go with radios, a common name will link them for
> selection purposes, and be sure to give unique ids. If you use radios,
> there was a great thread about this here a week 
> ago,
> ead/fce18f49466cdabb
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> Subject: [Proto-Scripty] Checkbox values for Beginners
> Newbie here with some very rusty JS experience just getting my head
> round the whole Prototype (1.5.0_rc0) thing on IE7 with Lotus Notes as
> the backend AND picking up where a contractor left off!
> I have simple form with two boxes - AM and PM
> <input type="checkbox" name="txtStartAMPM" value="am" checked
> id="txtStartAMPM">am <input type="checkbox" name="txtStartAMPM"
> value="pm" checked id="txtStartAMPM">pm
> and a submission routine that needs to get the value of these to put in
> a URL string
> "&txtStartAMPM=am,pm"
> Obviously if the box is unchecked we don't need the value. I have
> trawled through many sites this afternoon but have had no luck in
> finding one that details how to return the values of the boxes. I got as
> far as
> var startAMPM = $('txtStartAMPM').pluck('checked');
> and got stuck. Could someone give a newb a hand please? Many thanks in
> advance
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