Have you tried insert(' ) instead of a [space]?

On Apr 11, 3:22 am, FigglesKoy <figgles...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I noticed today that in using Elment.insert() in IE7, that if you just
> send spaces, they won't show up.  So for example:
> <div id="testid"></div>
> <script>
> $('testid').insert('hi').insert('   ').insert('there');
> </script>
> Will give in IE7:
> hithere
> In FF3:
> hi there
> So, FF3 will insert a single space (for 1 or more actual spaces) and
> IE7 will do none.  I'm not sure how big of a deal this is really which
> is why I'm posting here rather than the core group or the Lighthouse
> ticket listing.  I suppose spacing like this might be frowned upon in
> favor of CSS padding/margins but I thought I would mention anyways as
> CSS might not work depending on what the developer is trying to do.
> Note I got around it for now by using .insert('&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;)
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