Hi all,

I have an RoR app in which Im using Effect.toggle('id', 'slide') to
show and hide a div.

However, the actual effect of sliding does not show (neither do
'blind' or 'appear'). Instead, there is a delay (of approximately the
time that the effect might take) and the div is just displayed
abruptly. The same happens when I toggle it again to hide it too.

The effects were working a few months back. I have changed a lot in
the meanwhile in the app as a whole but I dont see why that should
cause this problem to arise. The code im using is this..

erb template
<%= link_to_function image_tag("/images/comments_y2.jpg"),
"toggle_comments();" %>

function toggle_comments() {
        new Effect.toggle('comms', 'slide');
        return false;

comms div
<div class="form" style="display:none" id="comms">
                <div id="comments" >
                <% form_remote_for ... %>
                <% end %>
                <div style="float:right;">
                        <%= link_to_function "Close", "toggle_comments();"%>

Could anyone tell me where im breaking the effect?
Thank you

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