Does anyone know how to turn the browser's autocomplete off for the
inplaceeditor's field?

Here's my Inplaceeditor setup:

new Ajax.InPlaceEditor('dayDateNotes', '/CoachFlex/modules/buscal/
processes/updateDayDateNotes.php', {
                  cancelControl: 'button',
                  okText: 'Save',
                  cancelText: 'Cancel',
                  size: 90,
                  callback: function (form, value) {
                          return 'year=' + CFescape($F('busYear')) + 
+ CFescape(value) + '&recnum=' + CFescape($F('dayDateRecNum'));

but my field has alot of autocomplete entries after using it for a
while and I would like to disable it for this particular field.

Thanks in advance!

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