Hello Everybody,

another Problem with my project.

Our customer wants widgets without scrollbars. But the content of a
widget might be larger than the display area of the widget itself.
So we have to build ugly up and down Arrows which are scrolling the
content. This works fine.
In addition I try to make the scrollwheel functionally, which works
fine by

        wheel:function (event)
                var delta = 0;
                if (!event) event = window.event;
                if (event.wheelDelta)
                        delta = event.wheelDelta/120;
                        if (window.opera) delta = -delta;
                else if (event.detail)
                        delta = -event.detail/3;
                return Math.round(delta); //Safari Round

And afterwards i bind an event to the "wheel" like

Event.observe(myBody, "mousewheel", this.mouseWheel.bind(this),
Event.observe(myBody, "DOMMouseScroll", this.mouseWheel.bind(this),
false); // Firefox

still works fine

Now the Problem:

If the whole site ist large enough to bild an own scrollbar the wheel
scrolls both - the site AND the widget.

I'm catching the event of the window scrolling by

Event.observe(document, "mousewheel", scrollWheel, false);
Event.observe(document, "DOMMouseScroll", scrollWheel, false); //

but i found now way to supress it.

Setting the overflow:hidden for the page is sadly not an option,
because the scrollbar disappears.

Does anybody has an idea?


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