Thanks for pointing me to the native functions!
In the meantime I also found 1.8 has the Number object/function.
I just did Number(mynumberstring) to convert mynumberstring to a number.
I guess Number also accepts an object or another Number as argument..

On Sat, Apr 25, 2009 at 12:02 AM, RobG <> wrote:

> On Apr 25, 2:06 am, Ananth Raghuraman <> wrote:
> > Need prototype function to convert object/string/number to number. Please
> > help.
> Without a more concise specification for what the object/string/number
> might be, you will end up with a large function that works for a few
> scenarios invented by the author and fails for anything else.
> It doesn't make sense to have a function to convert a number to a
> number.
> --
> Rob
> >

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