Hello to all, my first post to this group!
I am new to OOP in JavaScript and have written my first Js Class using 
On the 'Learn pages' at prototypejs.org the example for 
'Classes-Inheritance' shows the following..

var Logger = Class.create({
  initialize: function() {
    // this is the right way to do it:
this.log = [];
  write: function(message) {

For some reason I can't seem to add to the array using 'this.arrayName'.
I have tried also this.arrayName[i] = value;
I initialize the array using the method shown above
I have had to use the following in my method that updates the array. I have 
several methods that will update arrays, and will probably have to use the 
same in those. It will mean two lines of extra code for each method!!

    var qArr = this.cap_questions;    // create a var as the array //
    for(blah blah){
        var q = // set-up the value //
    this.cap_questions = qArr; // restore the classes array value with 
updated var //

Does anyone have an explanation for this, or is it a bug??
If its a bug, should it be reported at the site??
Thanks in advance..  Gilbert 

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