After a bit of time playing and alot of people asking about "Web
Desktops" i decided to pull my old code out of retirement and fix some
bugs !!

Above is a link to the Desktop Demo ...

Please any browser but INTERNET EXPLORER !!! .. there is a couple of
bugs i have yet to iron out with jQuery and IEx ....

It works fine in Safari (windows at least), Firefox, Chrome, Opera

If anyone would like the code or would like to help me iron out the
last couple of bugs please let me know !!

The code weighs in (packed) at 7.3kb and unpacked at 14.6kb... it
relies on prototypejs && Scriptaculous for the windowing system and i
use jQuery for a few internal bits and bobs - but it will run without
jquery if one desires....

Page load is fast and quick, the ajax unloads itself from memory to
stop the page lagging at all...

There are many of these types of applications out there, but most if
not all in my opinion are slow, laggy, and not very configurable.
My offering combats this with a modular design, easy hooks into the
window API and one load for alll CSS/Javascript, The backend is
running php5 but any serverside langauge will run, or just plain html

Any (Constructive) comments are welcome, and questions (if any)!!


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