Thanks T.J.

I probably should have been more specific.

I'm actually building a Q and A Captcha, not a Logger. I used that as
an example.

The issue is, I am using proto's Ajax.Request and I'm running that
code within the 'onComplete: function(transport){ callback }' and this
is executing within a method which get an array of questions from a
Another method then creates a select list and renders it to the page.

I have found that if I declare a var using the 'this.arrayName' before
running the Ajax.Request I can load the array OK.

What is strange, is that I can then do 'this.ArrayName  = var;' and
populate the objects array whilst I'm still in the  'onComplete

Why is it that I cant load the this,arrayName as shown, but it lets be
're-value it'??

Here is a sample of the code: some var declarations are Not show for

var qArr = this.cap_questions; // I CREATE THE USABLE VAR WORKAROUND
HERE ????
var url = "path-to-php-script-&sid="+Math.random();
var req = new Ajax.Request( url, {      // I USE THE var = req TO MAKE
        method: 'get', contentType: 'application/xml', onComplete: function
(transport) {
                res = transport.responseXML; cap_nodes = 
                for(i=0; i < cap_nodes.length; i++){
                this.cap_questions = qArr; // HERE IT LETS ME RE-DECLARE THIS

If I try to declare the VAR within the callback it won't work either,
Has to be before the new Ajax.Request.
I checked with 'typeof' and it returns 'undefined'....

I have another problem as well.

How can I call a method within another method, like in PHP.

Using 'this.methodName()" does not seem to work.
After completion of one methods db retrieval, I do a check for state,
and would like to call a method within the working method.
The idea worked (as functions) before I re-wrote the whole idea into
a  single class.
I want the class to be as dynamic as possible, and dont want to have
to add more intelect to the pages code.
This will be a publicly available App, so I'm trying to make it as
simple as possible to setup.

Thanks again for the Quick HELP. Its much appreciated!
Cheers, Gilbert R..
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