Hi guys/gals,

I'm very new to prototype and was wondering if someone would be able
to help me. I'm building a page where there are a number of things I
want to happen and I'm wondering if someone could help me write this
with some source code. I have a few basic prototype scripts running
but I can't seem to get the understanding of putting it all together.

What I'm trying to achieve.

I have a form called items.php. The form has 3 drop downs on it.
[Country] [State] [City]. Under these 3 dropdowns there is a table
showing results. What I want to do is if my user is logged in I want
to default the country and state based on their profile on the initial
load of the page, already doing some of he ajax stuff in advance
somehow. If the user viewing isn't logged in I will determine the
country they are visiting from and only default the country. I need an
ajax script to update the state and city as each is changed, first
starting with the Country. Obviously if for example State is changed
then City will change to something like 'Please Select a City'.

Underneath if possible I want results to be shown based on the user
updating the dropdowns above with a pagenation of lets say 50 which
can also be sorted by date. Also can the pagination prevent loading as
well so I stay all on the one screen? This I don't mind can be after a
submit button, or if it can handle it, on the fly. The table will have
a few fields like [Date Submitted][Item1][Country][State][City][Cost]
[Link]. This table in my database is called `Items`.

Would anyone be able to assist me with building this for me or giving
me a good example I can go off?

Thanks for anyone's time in advance I truly appreciate it.



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