On Apr 20, 3:30 pm, Sabri LABBENE <sabri.labb...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm using scriptaculous-1.8.0 with prototype-
> I have an autocmpletion feature in my application (using
> Ajax.Autocompleter).
> I'm facing troubles in getting it work with IE7 but it works fine with FF3.
> I tried to check if the tutorial works already 
> (http://wiki.github.com/madrobby/scriptaculous/autocompleter-local).
> I didn't succed to make it work neither with firefox nor with IE ! Is there
> someone that have already tried the tutorial ?

Finally I succeded to run the local autocompleter tutorial.
I didn't thought that it was mandatory to load other js modules
'effects, controls, etc.' Anyway ..

> I've also noticed that autocompletor unit tests don't pass for IE7. I think
> that this cabe a source of trouble.
> Does anyone have already faced issues with autocompleter in IE7 ?
> If the bug comes from prototype itself, is there any change to have a fix
> for that soon ?

Actually after debugging my application, I found that my problem comes
from the fact that IE7 doesn't deal correctly with 'dom:loaded'
It seems that the event is fired too early. Here is my code:

//In my constructor, I bind an event listner to dom:loaded event
this.registerOnLoadEvent = this.registerOnLoad.bindAsEventListener
document.observe('dom:loaded', this.registerOnLoadEvent);

What I expect here is that registerOnLoad won't be executed unless dom
has completed loading all contents.

registerOnLoad: function () {
//building params for the Ajax.autocompleter call

// List div
var update = Builder.node('div', {
'id':    'user_search_choices',
'class': 'searchAsYouType'});


new Ajax.Autocompleter.....

Is there a solution to make a correct test on dom:loaded event.
In other words, how can I check if the dom has completed loading
properly ?

I tried this solution but it changes nothing :

this.registerOnLoadEvent = this.registerOnLoad.bindAsEventListener
if(!$("__onDOMContentLoaded") || $("__onDOMContentLoaded").readyState !
= "complete") {
   document.observe('dom:loaded', this.registerOnLoadEvent);
else {

Any help  please ?

Best Regards,
-- Sabri.
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