I am building an on-line video editor of sorts, using Sortables to  
make the sequence timeline and using QuickTime controlled by the  
Scripty Slider to generate an in-clip timeline where a visitor can see  
the current position of the playhead, place captions, set start and  
end times, and so forth. This works swimmingly, and I could not have  
done it without all the math that Scripty does under the hood.

Where I'm running into trouble is with showing and hiding movies. I am  
using a  "sheet" similar to the Mac OS X interface component to show  
the in-clip timeline. I have no trouble showing and hiding a movie and  
its controls, but each time I do, the entire movie downloads again.  
There doesn't seem to be a way to keep it in cache. I'm using hide and  
show to make the sheet go away and re-appear. Setting display:none  
shouldn't remove the movie from cache, should it?

What I'm looking for here is some advice about lazy-loading large  
media files. The one I'm working with here is 77MB. A user could  
conceivably have lots of similar media in their timeline, and open  
some or all of them in an individual editing session.

Has anyone attempted something like this before? Care to share any  



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