I was experiencing this today.
I worked around it by passing the loadTextURL option causing the
browser to populate the textarea with the content from that URL.

On Apr 13, 4:36 pm, "miller.scot...@gmail.com"
<miller.scot...@gmail.com> wrote:
> This problem has been baffling me for the past 16 hours, and I cannot
> find any solutions for this.  I have a field that I am applying
> Scriptaculous' InPlaceEditor (textarea) to.  The filler for this field
> is being drawn from a MySQL database using PHP.  In Firefox v3 It will
> pull the complete message, and with the help of the nl2br() function,
> it will structure the field (and the textarea when clicked) to
> maintain the same format, line breaks and all.  Now with IE6, it
> parses the information the same, and initially will display it the
> same, line breaks in place.  As soon as I click on it though, it will
> rid of all the line breaks and present the data to me in a textarea
> all garbled together into one long run-on sentence with no structure.
> Is this a known bug to anyone?  Are there any nifty tricks to handling
> this?  I examine the page source from the browser, and with the nl2br
> () function applied, there is a <br /> tag at the end of each line.
> Firefox maintains that even with the textarea, yet Internet Explorer 6
> completely ignores the breaks when displaying the info in the
> textarea.
> Any help would be appreciated!!

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