The problem also occur in 1.6.1_rc2 version of prototype.
I upgraded from to 1.6.1_rc2 to make IE7 deal right with
dom:loaded event.
I applied the patch to my new version of prototype and the problem is
fixed. First requests now show result.
Can someone confirm that applying the patch on a 1.6.1_rc2 version
doesn't have any side effects ?

When do you plan to release 1.6.1 version?

Best Regards,
-- Sabri.

On Dec 3 2008, 6:17 pm, Olivier Jaquemet <olivier.jaque...@gmail.com>
> We also have this problem with proto, but it works with
> It seems to be a regression of prototype :
> To fix the issue, change the line 2092 of prototype.js (version
> :
>   while ((element = element.parentNode) && element != document.body)
> to what it was in prototype (line 2083) :
>     while ((element = element.parentNode) && element != document.body
> && Object.isElement(element))
> Olivier
> On Dec 3, 2:45 pm, Ronan <armorik...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I am having the very same problem on IE6 (XP) +IE7(vista) using
> > prototyp & scriptaculous 1.8.2
> > It seems that infos in this post might solve the problem 
> > :http://prototype.lighthouseapp.com/projects/8887/tickets/32-ajax-auto...

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