I have an application that is making an AJAX POST and returns text/
html content.  That content contains further HTML form elements and
CDATA section like this:

<form id="form322281673" onsubmit="event.returnValue = false; return
false;" class="blah" method="post" action="/blah2">


Event.observe('form322281673', 'submit', function(event) { new
Ajax.Updater('resultDiv','/blah2', {asynchronous:true,
evalScripts:true, onComplete:function
(request, json) {}, parameters:Form.serialize
('form322281673'), requestHeaders:['X-Update', 'resultDiv']}) },

I've verified that these are getting returned within the other HTML
code (using Firebug).

However, I am specifying a div for the response content to appear in,
and if I inspect the div following the request (either using a DOM
inspector or just alert()) I see that those <form> and CDATA elements
are now gone.

Does anyone know of some data loss that happens when the response is
copied to the target div?  Is there a way around this?

Thanks for any and all help.

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