You can use the onUpdate callback function ( ) to serialize your data ( ) and send an Ajax call to your server.


Am 02.05.2009 um 15:32 schrieb WLQ:

But how can I make so it ads information to a database on drop?

On May 2, 1:55 pm, Alexander Bock <> wrote:
Take a look at this:"Can you
make a Sortable also Droppable?")


Am 02.05.2009 um 12:44 schrieb WLQ:

So here's what I need:
I need a sortable list which is driven of MySQL database (with
autoupdate when order of items changes). And then I need a second
sortable list (or anything that can be dropped on the first list).

So if you drag and drop an item from the second list to the first.
This item gets added to the first list, which means inside of that
MySQL database with correct ordering.

Hope you'll help.
Thanks, Yan

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