I'm using the toggle effect to show/hide a table row in a list of
events (example - http://www.gigcatcher.co.uk/town/3885-Brixton_in_London)
The hidden row contains links to buy tickets for each event and
everything works fine except when using IE6-8.

The toggle effect appears to work ok in IE but the links are almost
all inactive, so users are unable to click through to get tickets. The
odd thing is that it doesn't appear to affect all of the links, as
about 10% of them (seemingly at random) are active as they should be.

Is there something I need to be aware of when using this in IE?

Here's the function controlling the toggle effect, which also takes
into account the current class of the '+/-' button div. I'm by no
means a javascript expert so any help on this would be great :)

function open_close(event_id, colour) {
        var div_id = 'button_'+event_id
        var event_div = document.getElementById(div_id)
        var open = 'open_'+colour
        var close = 'close_'+colour

        Effect.toggle(event_id,'slide', {duration:0})

                if( event_div.className== open ){
                        event_div.className= close

                event_div.className= open

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