Hi guys!

Im busy with Scritaculous' sortable class and so far it's working very
nice. But now i'm having a problem though.

I have 3 sortable lists that are initialized when the page loads and
together they are working like a charm. But now I want to load a 4th
sortable list via AJAX when someone opens a special 'book' on the
page. The 4th list should be able to trade items with the 3 other
lists, but they don't.

Of course that fourt list is created long after the 3 others, and at
first the 3 others don't know the 4th list exists yet. When I create a
new sortable at the AJAX call even while using correct containment it
still doesn't share items.

Is there a known reason for this? If it means that I can't use it in
combination with AJAX i'll have to rewrite that part, no huge problem
but due too perfermance isues I rather keep it like it is.

Hope you guys can help me :)

Jim aka Zonakusu

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