Bertrand wrote:
> Thanks for your kind answer, it did help a lot.

It should help, as it tells you are looking for the problem in wrong 
place. Try to look for the problem in your own code and not blame 
prototype.js when you're not sure.

I think the problem you might have is the lack of DOCTYPE declaration.

Prototype.js works only in Standards Mode and not in the Quirks Mode 
[1]. You need to provide a valid DOCTYPE in your document, to turn on 
the Standards Mode in browsers.
The quirks mode does not use the W3C box model, so it results in 
different and almost unpredictable dimensions of elements and many 
other problems.

Ensure your site uses Standards Mode. If it doesn't, then you found 
the problem. If it does, and the viewport dimensions still does not 
work, then let us know.



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