All I can suggest is performing some error-trapping in your server-
side code to see where it's crapping-out.

On May 5, 2:55 pm, Nobody <> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> i got a problem with prototype in connection with a perl script. I'm
> performing AJAX-requests with Ajax.Request of prototype calling a perl
> script for performing the backend functions.
> Somehow i get random "500 Internal Server Error" messages. I tried so
> many things (checking permissions, checking error.log, etc.) but i got
> no further with this.
> The cryptic part is that i can run the AJAX-request several times,
> every time succesfully, but if i run it once more, it crashes with the
> mentioned error. I can exclude an error within the perl script. I ran
> it several times without an AJAX-request just through a normal POST-
> call and i never got errors. Even more weird is the fact that the perl
> script evidently performs the commands it should perform even if i get
> the internal server error.
> Anybody got me any idea how to solve this?
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