I'm having an issue targeting the correct droppable in a nested droppable
div situation.  At page load, I've got a large div in place and am
dynamically creating new smaller draggable divs to be placed drag to the
larger one, which can in turn be dropped upon.  The problem is that the
outside div always gets triggered even when I am hovering over the smaller

In googling, I have come across some posts that have similar difficulties,
but are well over a year old in most cases.  The prevailing message was that
this was a problem that was yet to be fixed and that the droppable created
first would always be triggered in such a situation.  I believed that the
greedy attribute should be able to solve my problem (set greedy to false for
the outer div) but never got it to work.  I'm not sure if this is still an
issue with scriptaculous, or if I'm just not using greedy correctly...

As a workaround, I'm currently removing the outer div from the droppable
list whenever something is dropped onto it, and then re-adding it afterward.
If there was a more elegant solution available I would love to use that



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