Be sure you're doing this operation after the document has loaded.
Attempting to access/modify DOM elements before the "load" event has
fired will certainly cause issues.

window.onload  = function(){
   var c =new Element('input', {'type':'text', 'id': 'var1Value' ,
'value':'var1 default value'});


On May 14, 10:54 am, mahen <> wrote:
> Hi all
> thanks  for replying..
> no this is the correct value i am giving this by my own.
> well ya i tried the above solutions by direct inserting the input tag as
> Html but still its not working in Mozilla............. Well my designer is
> saying there might be somewhat issue of Design Css as the positioning of
> that container div.... he is working on it might it workss..........
> again thanks for reply and if you found any relative spolutions pl let me
> know.....
> Mahendra Varandani
> Software Engineer
> IDes Solutions
> Gurgaon
> Ph-9990869026
> On Thu, May 14, 2009 at 7:42 PM, Miguel Beltran R. <>wrote:
> > 'value':'var1 default value'});
> > maybe no correct closing values
> > chage to 'value':'var1', default:'value'});
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