Hi list

Using Ajax.Updater to a <div> retrive the follow

(Using firebug)
<table border="1">    <tbody id="comprobacion_busqueda_resultado" class="
         <tr id="ul4" combrobacion_id="4">
             <input value="1"/>

but no show nothing on screen , because <tr> is inside <form>

If I use the same html code and load direct the page with FF show this
<table border="1"> <form/>
                 <input value="1"/>

FF  move <form> out from <tbody>

If I made
var el=$('id="comprobacion_busqueda_resultado');

this MOVE <tr> from <form> to <tbody>, but the <input> lost the relation
with the <form>.

I need show the data like excel, how can do it?

Lo bueno de vivir un dia mas
es saber que nos queda un dia menos de vida

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