Hi guys!
First let me thank author&community for Prototype framework! I am
fairly new to this, but have some knowledge of PHP. Now to the problem
of combining Prototype&PHP.

I am calling Ajax.Update(...) using <script></script> function in some
"index.php" file. This function is calling remote *.php script and
this script returns Response and modify html in index.php. To this
point everything is ok.


Inside response html I use some code like this>

$list.=$course->name ." <a href='' onClick='RemoveCourse(".$id.",".$row
['id'].")'>Delete</a> <br>";

...and returning generated list with reference to this "RemoveCourse
()" javascript function...
...return $list; <--this is html response.text of first ajax call

index.php shows updated list of courses with link to onclick event
which fires RemoveCourse function. Okej, you guessed it, RemoveCourse
uses Ajax.update as well (and as well is located right under first
Ajax.update function in index.php file)

The problem here is that when I click on RemoveCourse link, it fires
this function, makes Ajax.Update call - return SUCCESS code, BUT NO
OUTPUT ! I went through everything I can to check code, but it works
fine }even tried it without ajax - with classic form submit).

This function has to return updated list of courses (minus one user
has just deleted by clicking on DELETE inside <a>).

Guys, if anyone may HELP me out, I would be forever gratefull !!! Is
there for e.g. any limitations to number of Ajax calls inside one
file, or other limitations I am not looking at ?

Again thanks very much - I am looking for any help!!

Take care.

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