Maybe this one is helpfull:

Data is stored in cookies in JSON-Format.

Bye, Benedikt

PS: I don't really know wether (but dont't believe that) JavaScript-
variables can be passed
between pages directly.

On May 17, 5:31 pm, Doug Reeder <reeder...@gmail.com> wrote:
> It appears that calling location.assign() deletes all global variables  
> (which is reasonable behavior for a web browser).  However, I have a  
> web application written as several pages.   One good way to preserve  
> data across page loads is to keep session info on the server.
> However, I would like to implement this client-side.  Does this  
> require using cookies (or HTML 5), or can I keep my actual JavaScript  
> variables around somehow?  Does Prototype have something to help with  
> this?
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