That code is nothing short of perfect. Thanks for the pointer.  I
learned a lot reading it. --jk

On May 18, 6:57 pm, david <> wrote:
> Hi jk,
> the mouse position could be retrieve from the event object with
> Event.pointerX and Event.pointerY.
> so you first need to observe the mousedown event, and observe the
> mousemove event. you could get from this event the the mouse position.
> Don't forget when the mousedown happend to observe the mouseup event
> to stopObserving the mousemove when the mouse button is released.
> an excellent code that work this way is the dragging management in
> prototype UI. go to 
> the
> to see it in action.
> --
> david
> On 19 mai, 00:26, jk <> wrote:
> > How do you detect a drag coord (mousedown + move).  I don't see
> > documentation on the site. Thanks. --JK
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