i'm call the "down" function but am getting an invalid argument using

here's the html snippet:

<TR id=000000214A class="activeRow searchResultsDisplayOver"
        <DIV class=gridRowWrapper>
            <SPAN class=SynDesc>Asymmetric breasts</SPAN>
            <DIV class=buttonWrapper>
                <SPAN class=btnAddFav title="Add to Favorites">&nbsp;</

here's the code:
var description = row.down('span.SynDesc').innerHTML;

row is a dom reference to the <tr> element.

the prototype is appending a # then the id of the <tr> element:

findElements: function(root) {
    root = root || document;
    var e = this.expression, results;

    switch (this.mode) {
      case 'selectorsAPI':
        if (root !== document) {
          var oldId = root.id, id = $(root).identify();
          id = id.replace(/[\.:]/g, "\\$0");
          e = "#" + id + " " + e;

        results = $A(root.querySelectorAll(e)).map(Element.extend);
<-- e = "#000000214A span.SynDesc"
        root.id = oldId;

        return results;
      case 'xpath':
        return document._getElementsByXPath(this.xpath, root);
       return this.matcher(root);

i get an "invalid argument" error?

if i put a breakpoint before the offending line and change e to be
equal to "span.SynDesc" it works fine.

help. :)

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