I'm deseperately looking for the solution of a weird behavior on IE7.

I've this function, executed dynamically from a rjs (ror) template.
Basically it slides down a list of produts labels, one after this
other, in a "wave" maner.

function slideLabelsDown(labelsContainer){
Effect.SlideDown, {

Well the duration of this script is supposed to be 5 seconds, but when
you click on some other link before the function ends, you got the
following error only on IE :

Line 699
Char 7
'element.down()' is null or not an object

As far as I understand it doesn't find the current element to slide
down because it has been dynamically removed with all the page sub

So the error raises and then scipt aculous framework just stop
working. This is really problematic for me since i use its functions
intensivelly in quite every ajax call .

Does anybody know how to prevent or handle this kind exception?? try
{} catch(){} doesn't work ..

Thanks in advance !!


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