2009/5/21 Chris Sansom <ch...@highway57.co.uk>:
> At 17:24 +0300 21/5/09, Vladimir Tkach wrote:
>>Prototype gsub error?
>>Result : SyntaxError: unterminated string literal
> I /think/, though the experts hereabouts will confirm or otherwise,
> that JavaScript thinks the \ is escaping the quote that comes after
> it. To do what you want, I believe you'd have to escape the backslash
> in turn:
> $H({s:'\\'}).toJSON()
> I hope that's right!
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Yep. \ is a magic character in many languages.


to name just 3 things (return, newline, tab).


is to allow the escape character through.

Watch out when building JS code from other languages.

$s_JavaScriptString = 'document.write(\'John O\\\'Connor\');';
echo $s_JavaScriptString;

for example.

Ok. Bad example, but as you start passing the text through different
engines, the \ needs to be escaped for each level.

So, PHP generating JS generating HTML content ... having anything to
escape has to be done carefully.

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