This could be a completely silly question i'm still a little green
when it comes to javascript. I have the following code funning on a
function called via a dom:loaded observer.

this one works perfectly as expected.  adding an on click observer to
every anchor tag on the page
$$('a').each(function(name) {
     name.observe('click', function(ev) {

when I try this one with class="processing" set on a <input
type="submit" /> tags I get nothing in IE6, no error or any indication
that javascript was even present on the page.  this works as expected
in Firefox and newer versions of IE.

$$('.processing').each(function(name) {
     name.observe('click', function(ev) {

I've done similar for check boxes in a completely different script but
for the life of me can figure out why these input buttons won't fire
anything in IE 6

Thanks in advance

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