@T.J Crowder
 Thanks for the confirmation I was assuming that something silly I
should have seen was giving me grief,  and for the tip .invoke looks a
lot better so I've changed my code.

@Walter Lee Davis,

That worked like a champ.  I changed
 document.observe("dom:loaded", code.launch );
Event.observe(window,'load', function(event){
        $$('.processing').invoke('observe', 'click', function(ev) {

Now everything is working as expected.  I'm using the same
document.observer("dom:loaded"... in another script as I mentioned
which is working properly( its only being used on checkboxes and divs)
so now I'm curious heh. I was pretty sure I used the exact same
version of prototype on the 2 sites, guess I'll go double check just
to see.

Thanks for the help guys.

On May 22, 7:19 am, Walter Lee Davis <wa...@wdstudio.com> wrote:
> This may be your problem with IE6. I have heard apocryphal comments
> that dom:loaded is currently broken (fixed in the latest edge version)
> in certain flavors of IE. See if switching to
> Event.observe(window,'load',...
> fixes things for you in this browser.
> If so, you will be saved by the Prototype as soon as the latest RC
> becomes the new stable release.
> Walter
> On May 21, 2009, at 4:26 PM, ykaerflila wrote:
> > I have the following code funning on a
> > function called via a dom:loaded observer.
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