You may find that you are using the same version on both sites, which  
means that my solution fixed the problem, but not for the reason I  

There may be a timing/latency issue somewhere else in your code that  
is resolved by the DOM being completely settled (onload is very late  
in the game, the page is already visible in its entirety in the  

You might want to look through for some cases where you expect a thing  
to be there -- if you act on any element blindly assuming its  
existence -- and see if wrapping that up in a condition makes the site  
work again under dom:loaded.

It's just a hunch, mind you.


On May 22, 2009, at 9:58 AM, ykaerflila wrote:

> That worked like a champ.  I changed
> document.observe("dom:loaded", code.launch );
> to
> Event.observe(window,'load', function(event){
>       $$('.processing').invoke('observe', 'click', function(ev) {
>               alert('clicked');
>       });
> });
> Now everything is working as expected.  I'm using the same
>"dom:loaded"... in another script as I mentioned
> which is working properly( its only being used on checkboxes and divs)
> so now I'm curious heh. I was pretty sure I used the exact same
> version of prototype on the 2 sites, guess I'll go double check just
> to see.

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